What we do

The world is facing unprecedented climate, environmental and supply chain problems that require innovative solutions.

Landfilling and composting
emits up to 17 times of
methane and roughly double
the amount of nitrous oxide
compared to BSF
The world population is
expected to grow by almost
2 billion by 2030; according
to UN, food production
needs to increase by 70%
Fish meal is produced
from wild catch, causing harm
to marine life. The vast majority
of the world’s fisheries suffer
from overfishing.

By harnessing the power of the incredible Black Soldier Fly to upcycle organic waste or low value streams, Entoprotech and our partners can have a significant, positive impact on our societies, the economy, and the environment.

Processing waste by using
BSF produces almost zero
emissions of methane
BSF efficiently processes
organic waste, becoming
a source for completely
sustainable protein.  
Replacing fishmeal with
BSF meal, raised on organic
waste, prevents damage
to the hydrosphere.

BSF farming requires significantly less water and land compared to other (animal- and plant-based) protein production methods. This means that there is virtually no upper limit to the BSF solution – with the right partners, Entoprotech can build organic waste upcycling facilities anywhere around the world, providing local solutions that help solve critical global issues.