Black Soldier Fly larvae are efficient bio-converters of organic waste into much-needed high quality protein, fat and fertilizer.

  • BSF farming is harmless to humans and requires significantly less water & land compared to animal & plant cultivation.
  • Processing low-value by-products and feeding them to insects, instead of landfilling, significantly reduces methane emissions, one of the most harmful greenhouse gases.
  • BSF convert waste into valuable products and our R&D efforts are identifying additional uses in areas of animal health, cosmetics, nutrition and medicine.
  • There is no upper limit for this solution – with the right partners, Entoprotech can build processing facilities in an infinite number of communities around the world.
  • As a feed ingredient producer, Entoprotech also helps fight food insecurity. One of our goals is to replace fishmeal with sustainable high-quality insect meal and prevent the damage caused to our oceans  by overfishing.