Entoprotech harnesses insects to help solve pressing global problems such as protein shortages, excess food waste, and climate change, all at once.

We do this by employing  the unique qualities of insects, particularly the black soldier fly (BSF). BSF are voracious eaters of anything organic and present a way for producers of organic waste to recycle what would normally be tossed into a landfill. Instead, Entoprotech helps farmers, food companies, and other organisations that generate organic waste by taking in their waste streams, feeding it to BSF, and converting the waste into a variety of valuable products, such as animal feed and fertiliser.

  • By using BSF to recycle waste, Entoprotech is helping to address a global protein shortage.
  • By diverting that waste from landfills, Entoprotech is helping to fight climate change, because organic waste dumped in landfills is a major producer of harmful greenhouse gases.
  • By offering an affordable and green alternative to waste processing, Entoprotech is helping farmers, food producers, and other vital industries recycle their waste in an efficient and sustainable way.

Entoprotech also operates a robust research and development function to make the BSF process more efficient and valuable, while exploring exciting potential new uses for the recycled waste.

In September 2021, Entoprotech raised $2 million from Granot, Israel largest agricultural cooperative and biggest feed producer, which is also co-financing a large “waste2protein” facility in Israel. Entoprotech and Granot are exploring the possibility of future facilities across the Middle East and Africa.

Entoprotech is actively seeking partners to build additional BSF facilities and transform the BSF’s incredible potential into a global solution to organic waste.