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Our history

June 2016

Entoprotech is founded. Shortly after, Entoprotech launches its first processing plant, capable of upcycling 15 tones of food waste daily.

March 2019

First commercial deployment, waste processing

December 2019

Entoprotech opens its R&D center in Israel

October 2020

Entoprotech partners with Betty Schwartz, professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), to investigate the medical potential of the Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

September 2021

Entoprotech raises SAFE of $3.5 million, with Granot, Israel’s largest agricultural cooperative, leading the round

December 2021

In a joint effort by researchers from HUJI and Entoprotech,  Black Soldier Fly Larvae lipids are found to ameliorate the symptoms of Crohn’s and colitis

January 2022

Entoprotech is selected as a Global Winner at the Uniting Water, Energy and Food (UWEF) Innovation finals in Dubai

December 2022

The Israel Innovation Authority approves a $7.5 million budget for the first Israeli BSF consortium, with Entoprotech appointed a member of the Scientific Committee and the lead one of the working groups

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