Good business with good karma

Entoprotech is a circular economy start-up.

We harness the power of an incredible insect – the Black Soldier Fly (BSF) – to upcycle a wide variety of organic waste and low value streams into feed-grade protein, fat and organic fertilizer, targeting a Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $74.5 billion across various sectors.

To do this, we build strong partnerships with producers of organic waste, agricultural processors, and the animal feed industry. Entoprotech provides the solutions our partners need to help solve global problems, such as greenhouse gas emissions, protein shortages, and increasing landfill use.

Our collaborations build a better, healthier world.

Of course, the problems we help solve are complex and growing bigger, so we invest in developing our own proprietary technology to make the solutions even more effective. This is complemented by strategic partnerships across the fields of genetics, biochemistry, veterinary sciences and animal feeds – we’re all working together to unlock the full potential of the BSF and bring sustainable solutions to animal health, cosmetics, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industries.

We believe that shifting our food system away from a linear take-make-waste model to one based on circular economy principles is one of the most powerful things we can do to tackle climate change and support biodiversity. Using BSF to revolutionize our food system is not only smart, simple and robust – it’s good business. Our solution is economically viable and that benefits all engaged in the process.

Entoprotech is a sensible, circular solution that helps solve two pressing and interconnected problems: feeding people and cooling the climate.