Organic waste solution


What is Entoprotech?

Entoprotech is a revolutionary biotech company. Our goal is to reduce the overall organic waste around the world and convert that waste into sustainable agriculture products.

What do we mean by the term «sustainable agriculture»?

In simplest terms our sustainable agriculture technology utilises the production of animal feeds by converting human organic meal leftovers that are otherwise discarded or wasted.

How did the company start?

The issue of waste processing in our country is particularly urgent. The waste recycling itself is in its infancy and is just beginning to develop. 95% of the discarded food ends up in landfills or gets burned.

This was the main reason for creating the company and our goal is to try to solve organic waste problem. The initial idea can be traced back to 2014. However, it took us several years to gather detailed information through market research as well as to refine and improve our own technology. In 2017 our first pilot production was launched.

Organic waste management

In world

1.6 billion tons of food waste and food loss (FLW) created by humans every year
it is 4 billion tons of landfill gasses

Why is reducing our food waste important?

About 95% of the discarded food ends up in landfills or combustion facilities. Once in landfills, the food breaks down to produce methane (a potent greenhouse gas) affecting our environment and contributing to climate change.

A tremendous amount of water used to grow our food is ultimately discarded. A shocking fact: throwing out an apple is like pouring 95 litres of water down the drain, while beef has a water footprint of 6,800 litres per kilogram.

In world


In Russia

Nowadays, almost all of FWL in Russia are sent to landfills.
Only 4% of waste is recycled.

In Russia




Black Soldier Fly has been put forward as a solution

Natural organic waste management
Ecologically safe species
The possibility of obtaining feed additives with a high protein and fat contents as well as other biologically active products with high added value


Our research article "Black Soldier Fly Hermetia illucens as a Novel Source of Chitin and Chitosan"

Black soldier fly allows to efficiently convert residual biomasses into a valuable source of biomolecules, such as proteins, lipids and chitin. In this study, a new method for obtaining amorphous chitin from the black soldier fly larvae was developed with a further deacetylation step.

read full >> (.pdf 1.21 mb)

The problem of providing a growing population with protein

It is known that 265 million tons of additional protein amount will be required each year by 2050. How to provide the growing population with a valuable source of protein?

Ivan Sokolov shares his views on alternative protein sources and their production on an industrial scale.

Please read the full article from the Agrotechnics and Technologies magazine here

Meeting the delegation from the United Arab Emirates in Skolkovo.

At the recent meeting with the UAE delegation in Skolkovo held on November 22nd, 2018, Adelya Khayrova presented Entoprotech project. Please find the detailed information here.

Summit "Russia’s Agrarian Policy"

Igor Abalakin, technical director of Entoprotech, represented our company at the Russia’s Agrarian Policy Summit held under the theme “Protein: yesterday, present, future. Evolution of protein sources of animal and plant origin. Food of the future. " When considering the case of our project, he emphasised the relevance of the use of insects as an alternative source of feed protein.

Forum & Expo "ProteinTek-2018"

Our company's technical director, Igor Abalakin, was invited to deliver a speech at the Forum and Expo “ProteinTek-2018”. He spoke on the major trends of the global insect protein market and shared the experience of our project.


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